An old driver in the industry teaches you to buy pure water equipment

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Most of the purchasers of enterprises have not touched industrial pure water equipment, and do not know the appearance, shape, purpose, material, structure, etc. of industrial pure water equipment. In this case, it is undoubtedly a great test for the buyer's ability to buy a purified water equipment with reasonable price and quality assurance.


First of all, we must understand the use of water sources for purified water equipment: generally tap water, river water, and well water. Secondly, we need to understand the water quality of the source water (such as electrical conductivity) and the maximum water consumption and effluent quality required by the enterprise. These data are closely related to the price of pure water equipment and design technical solutions, and also have an important impact on the daily production of enterprises.

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Under normal circumstances, when inspecting the design and manufacturing capabilities of the equipment on site, select a manufacturer with complete qualifications and R&D and innovation capabilities, and you can intuitively see the production scale and strength of the equipment manufacturer.


In terms of the selection of purified water equipment, Zhangjiagang Comark Machinery has summarized some procurement points for reference only:


一、Look at the appearance of the device


The appearance of pure water equipment produced by regular manufacturers is very particular


1. First look at the frame, the welding seam is flat, and the overall feel is heavy


The pure water equipment frame of Zhangjiagang Comark Machinery is welded with 304 stainless steel pipe, which is exquisitely made and beautiful.


2. Look at the connection of the pipeline, the materials of other parts and the structure of the electric control cabinet


Zhangjiagang Comark Machinery adopts automatic equipment, simple operation, neat and concise control cabinet wiring, easier to find the line number marking, parts and components adopt well-known water filling machine manufacturers suppliers, fine workmanship and strong practicality, modular production of equipment, and accessories and consumables failure Maintenance and replacement are simpler and more efficient.


3. Whether the high pressure pump and raw water booster pump are the products of regular manufacturers


Zhangjiagang Comark Machinery’s pure water equipment is modularly produced, using southern stainless steel pumps to operate stably, with reasonable process design, higher output, high equipment recovery rate, and water and electricity saving.


二、Ask for details of some equipment


1. Reverse osmosis membrane manufacturer and origin


2. Whether the desalination rate and water flow can meet your requirements


3. The control principle of the electronic control system


4. Whether the design is based on the actual situation of customers


5. Design concept of pure water equipment


三、Whether the after-sales service is in place


1. Whether to carry out on-site installation and debugging


2. Can personnel training be conducted


3. The efficiency of on-site maintenance is not high


4. How long is the warranty period


In the design of pure water filling machine, it is necessary to consider the convenience of operation and the degree of automation. Of course, the most important thing is to be able to stably and continuously produce pure water that meets the corporate water quality requirements.


The water filling production line is the main product of Zhangjiagang Comark Machinery through technological innovation. We can also customize water filling equipment according to customer requirements. Welcome to consult us.


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