Common faults and solutions of can filling machine

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What are the common faults when using can filling machine? These problems become more important can filling machine use common sense, let's understand can filling machine fault causes and troubleshooting methods.

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1. After startup, there is no display on the LCD screen of the display controller.


Fault cause: Whether the power socket has power; Whether the power plug is off; The fuse is loose or blown.


Troubleshooting: reinsert the plug; Reinstall or replace fuses; Note that the fuse must be selected according to the requirements of the specification book.


Note: Check and determine what caused the blown fuse.


2. After startup, the display screen shows correctly and indicates that the pump is running, but the pump wheel does not turn.


Cause of failure: the inner roller of pump head is stuck; No bottle stop filling line is not connected or the level is wrong; The driver circuit board is faulty.


Troubleshooting: install the pump head as required; Connect the stop-filling line without bottle and make the level correct; Check the circuit board.


Note: Maintenance of circuit board is maintained by supplier or company.


3, The pump wheel rotation, but can not transport liquid.


Cause of failure: the hose is not pressed in place; The hose is damaged and leaks liquid.


Troubleshooting: adjust the screw on the pump head cover; Replace the new hose.


4, When working, the hose slides to one side with the roller.


Cause of failure: Hose is not fixed properly.


Troubleshooting: connect the hose with a tee and hang it on the fixed screw or use a pipe card.


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