Designing the water filling line for better quality

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Water is a delicate product and sensitive to organoleptic changes, so the drink water filling lines should be designed to guarantee extremely high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. On the other hand, with respect to the relatively low cost of the product to be packaged, such lines should pay attention to the reduction of overall management costs, to those of packaging (necks and lighter bottles, through the study of a dedicated preform, or optimization of the production process of existing preforms and the machineries) and consumables in general.

The bottling lines for mineral water are characterized by high productivity, high efficiency and a great variability of the containers to be treated: starting from small single-dose volumes up to large the larger ones which are present in the mineral water manufacturing industries.

For the most part of it, packaging of water has to be attractive, original and with a strong product identity, to provide good visibility in an increasingly competitive market. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the functional and ergonomic aspect is of great importance. Here, we consider the role of the pure water bottling machines in achieving these features.

In addition to the services provided, reputable drink water filling machine suppliers should be able to provide unprecedented advisory services in packaging development. To do so, they need to have vast experience in the production of preforms and packaging, and above all for its continuous dedication to research and development of ever-new, high-performance packaging solutions and innovative.

Thpure water filling machine which consists of an integrated blowing / filling / capping solution is especially suitable for this sector and guarantees a series of logistical advantages, a high degree of hygiene, flexibility, reduced consumption and is the optimal solution for the treatment of bottles with extremely light weights.


The vast experience in packaging and first-rate technological solutions is quite important for the pure water machine suppliers to make complete systems for mineral water, flexible, reliable and effective, which preserve the quality and safety of the bottled product, allowing line managers and machine operators to focus on differentiation and profitability.


Let’s look at some important aspects of the water filling line thus;

Carbonated, slightly carbonated or non-carbonated mineral water, flavored and functional water, demineralized water.

When it comes to the water packing process, PET is the preferred material for packaging: no other material can have glass-like characteristics, such as transparency and strength, yet be lightweight, unbreakable, and easily customizable in a variety of ways.


water filling machine

The container or bottle

Main characteristics of the container

· Attractive packaging and unique design

· Lightweight (best weight / strength ratio)

· Ergonomic shapes to improve grip and versatility

· Large formats for dispensing


Weight reduction: finding the best balance point between low weight and mechanical resistance, sufficient for handling in the bottling line, storage and distribution, guaranteeing shelf-life

New collars and bottoms to help reduce weight and improve the stability of the container

Ergonomic shapes to improve the use and grip of the final consumer

To obtain a wiide range of solutions for large volumes such as stackable, self-shrinking and returnable or non-returnable solutions for 5 gallon bottles for dispenser, it is important to inquire about 5gallon barrel water filling machine for sale.



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