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How Is Bottled Water Made? Bottled Water Manufacturing Process In Water Bottling Factory (I)

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I want to open a small-scale bottled purified water plant. What equipment is needed? How much? Where to buy equipment? 

The following is introduced by Zhangjiagang Comark Machinery Co., Ltd.:

Water resources are increasingly scarce, just like petroleum resources, it will definitely become a profitable industry in the future. Many customers like this and want to invest in water plants, but now they only aim at investors who are not sufficiently funded and whose purpose is not very clear. They always rely on the roadside investors to make some suggestions. Therefore, the explanation here is relatively simple and easy to understand. 

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Question: I want to buy a set of water treatment equipment, where can I buy it?

Zhangjiagang Comark Machinery Co., Ltd.: There are many manufacturers of water treatment equipment and more engineering units. The concept of water treatment is broad and can be understood as clean water, reclaimed water, and sewage in a narrow sense. It can also be understood as domestic water, industrial water and so on. If you want to invest in a water plant, you mean clean water for daily use.There are many manufacturers of water purification equipment all over the country, and they are uneven and mixed. Mainly speaking, the production of water treatment equipment in the South is relatively early and the production technology is relatively mature, and some outsourcing processing parts factories are also more sophisticated. High cost performance, customers can buy with peace of mind. There are also many water purification equipment manufacturers in the north, including Huaibei in Anhui, Jinan in Shandong and Qingzhou. But it is immature, and many equipments are distributed to customers from other places.

RO system


Ozone generator

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Ozone mixing system

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Water plants also need filling equipment. For manufacturers that can produce water purification equipment, more than half of them cannot produce filling machines, especially small-bottle, large-volume filling machines. This part can be purchased in Zhangjiagang, which has already become large-scale industry. The rest of the supporting equipment of the water plant, including air purification, QS laboratory equipment, ozone sterilization, ultraviolet disinfection etc, can be supplied by water purification equipment manufacturers. This part of the profit is not large, so you can buy it with confidence.


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