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How Is Bottled Water Made? Bottled Water Manufacturing Process In Water Bottling Factory (Ⅲ)

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Question: I want to install a set of mineral water equipment, what do you suggest?

Zhangjiagang Comark Machinery Co., Ltd.: Many customers are still confused about mineral water, mountain spring water, mineral water and pure water.

Mineral water, the mineral water on the market now includes Laoshan mineral water and Evergrande ice spring, which are relatively popular, and there may be other mineral waters everywhere. Why are there so few water plants called mineral water? That's because mineral water refers to the quality of the produced water, which is mineral water. Before starting production, the water quality is tested, and certain minerals in the water quality meet the national standards, and the identification of this mineral water takes three years, the dry period and the wet period each year. The mineral water must be tested and qualified, and the mining must be paid for the mining of mineral resources. This item is a lot of investment just for processing. Not to mention future production. If customers already have the above conditions, they can actively produce. This is a resource, scarcity in scarcity. If not, just want to sell dog meat, then you also promised to do the manufacturer for you, you have to consider his after-sales service.

Many mineral waters have not been certified, or are produced during the certification period, or have mineral components added in the later period, etc., mixed with fish and dragons, all become mineral waters.

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Mountain spring water, Fujian, Guangxi and other places want to produce mountain spring water, there are abundant water resources, especially mountain spring water resources. This part is indeed a good investment project. The source of mountain spring water must come from a specific protected mountain area, and there is no pollution in the area, and no other pollution enters the water source area. Therefore, if the factory's water intake does not meet this requirement, it is not true mountain spring water. Secondly, the water source itself needs to go through the self-purification of the mountain, and it contains a certain amount of minerals, and the drinking water from the natural pollution-free lakes and reservoirs lacks this self-purification and mineralization, so the mineral content is low, and the water source is also low. It is not clean enough, and it often needs to be filtered manually to be suitable for drinking. Therefore, if the water source is not from mountainous areas, it is not true mountain spring water. It can only be called well spring water, lake spring water or reservoir spring water.

Pure water, this is the most common, mineral water, mountain spring water, well water, tap water, etc. can all be used to make pure water. Some manufacturers make both mountain spring water and pure water, which are suitable for different tastes and needs of customers.

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Mineral water, mountain spring water, and pure water have different treatment processes. Generally, pure water is treated by reverse osmosis membrane method, and mineral water and mountain spring water are treated by ultrafiltration and nanofiltration processes. Among these three processes, the purchase cost of nanofiltration is the highest, followed by reverse osmosis treatment equipment, and the purchase cost of the ultrafiltration process is lower than the two.


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