How Is Water Treatment Composed And What's The Function (II)

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Water is more and more important in our life,people can't live without water.Today we keep introducing the second part of the water treatment system--water softening equipment.

(1) Ion exchanger 

Ion exchanger is a device commonly used in water treatment. It can soften or remove salt by selecting a certain process. It mainly uses some ion exchangers to temporarily fix the unnecessary ions in the raw water, so that the content of these ions in the water is reduced to the required level. The ions fixed by the exchanger are released in the regeneration solution, and the exchanger can be reused.

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(2) Electrodialysis 

The application in the food industry is mainly concentrated in the purification treatment of soda water, beer , it is used to soften (desalinate) water in soft drink factories. Electrodialysis technology,uses ion exchange membranes with selective permeability and good conductivity,under the action of an external DC electric field, according to the principle of opposite sex attraction and same sex repulsion, makes the anions and cations in the raw water pass through the anion exchange membrane and Cation exchange membrane to achieve the purification effect.


(3) Reverse osmosis equipment 

    Reverse osmosis technology is the most advanced and energy-saving membrane separation technology.The principle is that the material and water can't be left through the semi-permeable , which is superior to the osmotic pressure of the solution.Since the membrane, which is superior to the osmotic pressure of the solution. Since the membrane aperture of reverse osmosis film is very small (only about 10A), it can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms and organics in water(up to 97-98%).  The system has the advantages of good water quality, low energy consumption, no pollution, simple process and simple operation. Reverse osmosis technology is commonly used in seawater and brackish water.                                                                      

(4) Ultrafilter

Ultrafilter is used to intercept the size of the colloidal particals in water, while water and low molecular weight solute allow the membrane to penetrate. The mechanism of ultrafilter is the membrane the comprehensive effect of surface mechanical screening, membrance hole retardation and membrane surface and membrane pore adsorption was mainly used to screen filter.

The mainly type of the ultrafilter:plate frame type ultrefilter, tube type ultrafilter and hollow fiber ultrafilter .


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