How To Maintain And Clean Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment?

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As a long-term machine, drinking water treatment equipment needs to be regularly maintained and maintained, and the same water treatment equipment should also be cleaned after a period of use. Today, I will introduce to you the daily maintenance of reverse osmosis equipment in water treatment.

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When the reverse osmosis equipment is filtering water, the impurities in the water will accumulate in all corners of the equipment, so it is necessary to clean and maintain the equipment regularly. Condition. Here are 3 ways to clean up your reverse osmosis equipment.

1. Online equipment cleaning method: This is the most commonly used method of cleaning equipment. It does not need to disassemble any parts or stop the equipment. It only needs to perform an online automatic operation on the equipment to complete the cleaning.

The online cleaning method is simple to operate and takes a short time, but the cleaning is not thorough and the effect is not ideal.

2. Offline cleaning method: It is necessary to remove the original membrane from the reverse osmosis equipment and put it into a special cleaning equipment for cleaning. This method has good cleaning effect and can effectively improve the anti-pollution ability of the equipment, but the cleaning time is long and the operation is more complicated than the online equipment cleaning method.

3. Targeted cleaning: When there is pollution in a certain link, it needs to be cleaned at a certain point. At this time, it is necessary to use targeted cleaning to clean the contaminated equipment separately.

The above is the maintenance and cleaning method of reverse osmosis equipment. If you have any questions about other equipment, you can send us message and Comrk is ready to offer you help and information.


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