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How to maintain the bottled water filling machine?

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Now bottled water filling machine in the beverage filling, and daily chemical, oil and other industries widely used, can be on different viscosity fluid filling, and also can adjust the filling quantity, use more convenient, shortcut, although bottled water filling machine failure rate is low, relatively stable operation, but in order to ensure the normal running of equipment, and to understand the bottled water filling machine maintenance, maintenance of common sense.

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1、Simple circuit, can not be arbitrarily plug.

2、When the cylinder cannot be returned due to improper operation, please press this button to reset it.

3、For no power supply setting, the normal air source is 4-6kg.

4、When disassembling and washing the machine, it is forbidden to wash the fuselage directly with water.

 5、If overflow occurs at the feeding nozzle, press the safety emergency stop switch to ensure that the workshop is tidy.

 6、Before piston cleaning, the remaining product should be cleaned and the barrel filled with soft cleaning solution. Warm water is recommended. Use soapy water, alcohol, or other cleaning fluids if needed. 7 The cylinder has been lubricated before delivery, please do not open or add any lubricating oil.

 7、The body is stainless copper shell, do not scrape its surface with sharp sharp tools.

 8、When disassembling and cleaning the piston, remove the fixing screws at the same time, so as not to affect the process requirements of the other one.


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