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How to solve the scaling phenomenon of purified water production equipment?

Views: 113 Author: Site Editor Publish Time: 2021-04-07 Origin: Site

Speaking of pure water production equipment, we may guess, in fact, it is a production line of bottled, barreled pure water operation.In recent years, due to the increasingly serious water pollution phenomenon, the sales of pure water increased.But manufacturers have found scaling phenomenon in the process of use, why is this? Let's take a look at the method to solve the scaling phenomenon of pure water production equipment.


To avoid scaling in pure water production equipment, do a good job in the pretreatment of raw water, but also should be sterilized to prevent the breeding of microorganisms in the device.In the operation of purified water production equipment, the appropriate operating pressure should be maintained. Under normal circumstances, increasing the pressure will increase the water production, but too large will make the film compaction.

When the pure water production equipment is out of operation, it should be dosing for flushing in the short term, and formaldehyde should be added for protection in the long term.It is found that the amount of water produced by pure water production equipment is significantly reduced, indicating that the membrane is fouled or polluted, and chemical cleaning should be carried out.Purified water system appears abnormal, immediately shut down for processing, to avoid the expansion of the accident.Strictly prevent the dosing equipment to run, risk, drop, leakage, the liquid added to the pure water into the water, really play the purpose of preventing scaling.


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