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Operation rules of pure water filling machine

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  1. The operation rules are applicable to the operation of pure water filling machine.


2.Operation process of the pure water filling machine is as follows:

Raw water → raw water tank → multi-medium filter → activated carbon filter → scale inhibitor dosing device → security filter → primary high pressure pump → primary reverse osmosis device → secondary high pressure pump → Secondary reverse osmosis device → pure water tank → ozone sterilization → VAT filling machine → finished water.

3.Before entering the site to prepare for production , the operator should first check whether there is water in the original water tank. If there is no water, check whether the liquid level of the original water tank is electrified and whether the inlet solenoid valve is opened.

4.Check whether the manual valves of the front and back original water pump are opened, start the original water pump , and check whether the indicator of raw water flow meter is between 4 ~ 4.5m3; If it is less than 4 m3, open the regulating valve of the original water pump and observe whether the pressure gauge at the inlet and outlet of the quartz sand activated carbon filter is within the range of 3 ~ 4 kg.

5.Start the primary high pressure pump. After the normal pressure, the second-stage high pressure pump will start automatically.Check the pressure of the primary reverse osmosis one-stage and two-stage membrane after starting, and the normal pressure range should be 12-14kg;Observe the indication of the primary outlet flow meter, and the normal range is 1.5 ~ 2 m3. If the water output is too small, adjust the concentrated water valve to make the concentrated water output reach 2 m3 to meet the second-stage reverse osmosis inlet water.

6.Check the secondary reverse osmosis water inflow, the normal range is 1.5 ~ 2 m3, the pure water outflow from the secondary reverse osmosis is 1 m3, the secondary pressure and the primary pressure should be basically the same;If the pressure is too high and inlet water flow is too large, adjust the secondary concentrated water back water regulating valve, so that the secondary concentrated water can be circulated to the primary high pressure pump.

7.The outlet control valve of the primary and second level high pressure pump shall not be adjusted at will. When the pressure and water output of all levels of equipment are normal, the water production process should operate normally, when the parameters of the original water tank, original water pump, pretreatment, primary and second level RO reverse osmosis, scale inhibitor dosing system and conductometer are all normal, the system shall be converted into automatic control.

8. Check the water level of the pure water tank and convert the electric control box into automatic operation;When running automatically, the automatic level control switch of the pure water tank will work, and the liquid equipment will start automatically when the pure water tank is full.When the equipment works manually, the liquid of the pure water tank will not work automatically. Observe the water level gauge, when the pure water tank is full, the operator will turn off all the switches on the control box and the system will stop working.

When the water level of the pure water tank reaches 1/2, the filling machine can be 9.used. First, open the ozone generator to sterilize the water and release ozone for 20 minutes. Fill the container according to the filling procedure, that is, fill the empty container → wash the empty container with medicine → rinse the empty container → fill the container → press the lid → product water.

10.Stop operation sequence: first switch the system to manual working state, and then press the stop button;Turn off the switch of raw water, pretreatment and reverse osmosis treatment;Close the pretreatment outlet valve;Turn off the power.


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