Reasons for the poor water purification effect of mineral water production line

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The main machine of mineral water production line can be composed of bottom frame, glass frame, bottle washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, main motor drive, star wheel drive, star wheel shaped plate, capping device, lower cap groove, capping device and electrical control system and other components.The bottles are transmitted through the air channel and then sent to the bottle washing machine by the bottle dialing star wheel.There is a bottle clip on the rotary table of the bottle washing machine. The bottle clip holds the bottle mouth and turns it 180° along a guide rail to make the bottle mouth downward.In the specific area of the flushing machine, the flushing water is ejected from the flushing clip nozzle to wash the inner wall of the bottle.


After the bottle is washed and drained, it is turned 180° along the guide rail under the grip of the bottle clip to make the bottle mouth up.The cleaned bottles are exported from the flushing machine and transmitted to the filling machine through the bottle dial star wheel.The bottle entering the filling machine is clamped by the shackle plate and lifted by the use of the CAM, and then the filling valve is opened by the mouth of the bottle.The filling method is gravity filling.After the filling valve is opened, the material completes the filling process through the filling valve. After the filling is finished, the bottle mouth descends and leaves the filling valve, and the bottle enters the capping machine through the clamping of the transition dial wheel.The stop-turning knife on the capping machine traps the obstructions, keeping the bottle upright and preventing rotation.


Reasons for poor water purification effect of mineral water production line:

1.In terms of ash removal systems.If this joint segment is wrong, no matter what kind of production process you use, the water produced will not reach the qualified level, which is a home condition of harmful efficacy.


2. In terms of operating procedures, water purification equipment water purification is based on the demand of water purification. It is for some macromolecular substances or ions contained in the water, and the demand may be different in different conditions of use of the industry, which is also a leading factor in the harm effect.


3.Produced is a higher purity can be higher water, then can produce water that can meet the requirements, the external conditions may not always be able to keep the water clean.After the water is produced, it is likely to be used in dirty equipment and affect the quality of the produced water.


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