Treatment Processes Involved In The Automatic Pure Water Bottling Line

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A potential product that can easily grow in the market is clean water. Therefore it is necessary to know the processes involved in the water production line.


A water production line is a production line that has been dedicated specifically to automate the process of making potable water.


And this offers you clean and pure water, which may be packaged in sachets, small bottles, or big bottles.


In modern life, bottled water is crucial, when life situations are challenging, you need healthy and quality drinks that can be convenient for you to carry about.


water production line

Nevertheless, one thing you must always consider besides water production line price is working with a reputable manufacturer for the best deal on a premium machine.


In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the processes involved in the bottled water production line.


Treatment processes in a bottled water production line

A lot of modern water production processes are involved to provide you with the cleanest bottled water.


And in an automatic pure water bottling line, filtration and disinfection are two crucial processes involved.


As such, the water source has to be clean enough not to contain any harmful chemicals and dirt. 


Usually, the filtration process is automatic so there is no mistake. This means that it guarantees the quality of water making in a standard pure water production line with an automatic pure water bottling line.


· Sediment filter

A simple paper is involved in the first filtering process. The job of the filter here is to sieve dirt, sand, contaminants, and other debris.


· Ion exchanger

At this stage of filtration, various metallic substances present in the water are removed through a method known as the ion exchange.


Here a big tank if filled with negatively charged plastic, the resin available would serve as the site for ion exchange between the metallic elements and charged plastics.


After this process, you are sure that all toxic metals like lead and mercury have been removed.


· Activated carbon tower

As soon as the water is passed through the ion exchanger, it moves to the carbon layer.  


Here the carbon filters which are regularly washed and replaced absorb harmful substances like pesticides and herbicides.  The tower has the ability to remove chlorine specifically.


· Ultraviolet projection

At this point, the water passes through a UV technology with a special section that contains a massive UV light source.


This light serves as a powerful disinfectant that destroys microorganisms still present in the water.


After this, the water is a move to pass through the micron filter where bacteria and viruses are removed.


· reverse osmosis

Another very important process involved in an automatic water production line is the reverse osmosis.


Osmosis is a naturally occurring process where water move throws a less permeable membrane from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration.


As osmosis occurs, the concentration of dissolved substances on each side of the membrane will approach equilibrium.


In reverse osmosis, high pressure is used to push water through the membrane while impurities are left behind.

· Ozonation

This process takes the molecular oxygen and makes it pass through a compartment that is special where the molecules will be exposed to a high voltage.



The automatic pure water bottling line is an industrial production line that involves a series of water purification steps.


All these steps and processes work in tandem to ensure that the final product is a wholesome and potable water fit for drinking.


One important thing you should consider besides water filling machine price is the quality when you decide to buy an automatic pure water bottling line.  


For this reason, the best buy, however, is that of a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer.


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