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Comark After Sale Service

At the end of the production process, the company's after-sales process is started. Salesmen will distribute the maintenance manual of the
maintained equipment to customers electronically.

Within a week after the end of production, they will send the date of transportation to customers (in case of special circumstances, they need to inform customers in time). Timely and efficient arrangement of commissioning personnel will ensure the equipment. To the customer's port, commissioning personnel enter the customer's factory, timely and efficient commissioning work.

After-sales personnel will file the type of equipment to ensure that the files of each equipment are kept for more than 15 years.
Provide all-round convenience for customer's later maintenance. The company promises to reply to any after-sales problems within 8 hours and provide solutions within 24 hours. Once the equipment is sold, no matter thousands of miles, the enterprise is responsible to the end and serves home.

After machine finish, customer will visit our factory check the machine one by one.


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