Beverage production line equipment maintenance instructions

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Before the use of beverage production line equipment, the reservoir must be cleaned with fresh hot water, and then steam disinfection.The slurry shall be put into the cylinder by the material tube fixed on the cylinder head, or open the cylinder head and then pour. The material shall not be filled too full, so as to avoid spilling of the material by the agitator, which will cause unhygienic environment or loss.When heating, close the refrigerant inlet valve, release the remaining refrigerant in the jacket, then input the material, start the agitator, and then open the steam valve. After reaching the required temperature, close the steam valve first, and then close the agitator after 2-3 minutes.

Beverage production line maintenance instructions:

  1. Cooling method: close the steam valve, release the remaining condensate water from the jacket, then open the refrigerant valve at the bottom of the cylinder to make the refrigerant pass through the jacket and reduce the temperature of materials in the cylinder.

  2. Insulation: According to the required temperature, operate the stirrer and high-speed valve, and maintain the temperature (pay attention to the thermometer) to achieve the purpose of insulation.

  3. Cleaning: After the processing is finished and the remaining condensed water in the jacket of the cylinder is put away, flush with warm water as soon as possible, brush off the sticky materials, and then clean the inner wall of the container with 40C-50C alkaline water and rinse with clear water for the next use, use hot water or steam (90C) or more, and maintain 2-3 minutes of disinfection treatment.

  4. Maintenance:  pay attention to the whole beverage production line and the performance of the gear reducer, when gear reducer lubricating oil is in short, shall be immediately added ,change once half a year, when it is out of use, be sure to rinse with warm water jacket, in order to avoid salt water corrosion, scrub away cylinder body, keep the exterior clean, inner light, durable.



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