Small skills to judge the quality of mineral water production line

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Check the appearance: Bottled mineral water production line aesthetic is not the same, but the appearance of any production line needs to be easy to operate and maintenance as the premise.If some meaningless accessories are added just for the sake of aesthetics, it is bound to lead to an increase in production costs, which will be borne by customers.

Material: the current market commonly used 304 stainless steel filling machine material, but some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, often choose 202 stainless steel.Although there is no significant difference in appearance, in the long run this often seriously affects the corrosion resistance and hygiene indicators of the pipeline.

Check the design: there is only one standard for design, and that is to be easy to operate and maintain while reducing cost.Customers with special requirements also need to communicate with the manufacturer in detail.

Check the accessories: a good filling machine is not a well-known brand part of the superposition, but a system engineering in the same performance, high quality accessories will naturally bring relatively good performance, but also procurement costs, which requires detailed communication between the customer and the manufacturer, the test is the factory workers.Mr Cheng's research and development prowess cannot be described in detail.

Check the qualification: before buying the need to first inspect the manufacturer, can let the manufacturer provide research and development production related product qualification, see whether the manufacturer has good engineering experience, this customer in the visit to a number of manufacturers will naturally know.Be sure to understand every detail and why it's different before you buy.

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