What is NFC Juice? What are the advantages of the production process?

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What is NFC juice?

NFC fruit and vegetable juice (Not From Concentrate non-concentrated juice), refers to the fresh fruits and vegetables after cleaning, crushing, preheating enzyme, pulp filtration, and then pasteurized or UHT tube ultra high temperature sterilization, finally through aseptic filling technology, no concentrated link, from fresh fruit to fruit juice itself, belongs to the high concentration of fruit juice.

What are the differences and advantages between NFC juice and other juices?

NFC juice still has many advantages compared with traditional fruit juice drinks and vegetable compound juice. For example, ordinary fruit juice drinks are made by blending concentrated juice with water, while NFC fruit and vegetable juices are directly squeezed, filtered, sterilized and filled from fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, in terms of retention of nutrients and taste, the quality of NFC juice is better than most traditional compound juices and vegetable juices currently on the market.

What is the shelf life of NFC fruit and vegetable juice?

The length of freshness-keeping time depends on the sterilization temperature and filling form of NFC juice. If it is sterilized by UHT and filled in sterile bags, it can be stored at room temperature for 8-12 months with unchanged quality.


Why are NFC fruit and vegetable juices more expensive than traditional juices?

First of all, in order to ensure the quality, NFC juice needs to be used with fresh raw materials. From the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables to the processing process of the juice production line, there are high requirements. If the production process cannot meet the requirements of regular storage, the cost of preservation and cold storage should be increased. Therefore, the production cost is significantly higher than the traditional drinks.

 What is the industry prospect of NFC fruit and vegetable juice processing?

First of all, the rapidly growing fruit juice drink market has strongly promoted the market demand for non-concentrated juice.

 Secondly, with the increase in per capita income, the trend of consumption upgrading has been clearly reflected in the juice beverage industry.In addition, it should be noted that non-concentrated reduced juice has opened up the market in European and American countries, accounting for more than 60% of the market share in the juice beverage industry.


Therefore, the domestic development trend is the same. With the improvement of living standards, NFC fruit and vegetable juices that meet [healthy diet] standards will become more and more accepted by the public.Moreover, with the COVID-19 epidemic under control, the global economy recovering, and foreign market demand increasing, my country's pure juice industry will show a rapid growth trend.


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