6000 BPH Water Filling Machine and 3000 BPH Lemon Juice Export to Customer

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Year 2020 is a special year to the countries in all of the world, and China is in no exception. In the beginning of this year, the fluidity that caused by Covid-19 broke out in a middle city in China a virus makes all the people cannot go out, all people must live at home, because the virus spread through people. In order to prevent the spreading of the fluidity, all the business activities including export business were forced to suspended, and all the factories were forced to shut down. 

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Fortunately, with the strong measures which were taking by government as well as the cooperation of citizens, the economic activities were gradually recovered in China after 2-3 months. However, no one would forget what happen in these 3 months, and the fluidity also caused inconveniences for the foreign business partners to come to China to take the order from factories. 

In order to deal with this situation, Comark machinery—a professional water filling machine manufacturers decided to introduce their products online with the foreign customers. Through getting the professional instructions and kindly help on Wechat, the foreign customers had a complete understanding with the water filling machine and lemon juice filling machine that made by Comark. As a result, an order of 6000 BPH water filling machine and 3000 BPH two-line lemon juice filling machine was taken by foreign customers. 

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However, things which is out of expectation also happen. While China was recovering from the disease and the business activities were starting again, The Covid-19 fluidity becomes worldwide, the business activities in other countries had to be suspended, so that the worldwide economy has to face a downturn. policies about the restrictions of exporting and exiting are also in force, under the bad influence, the customers from foreign countries cannot go to China to check their merchandise, including the producing process, the quality of the examples and so on. Be likely with the selling process, which was going online, Comark Machinery decided to test the machine for their customers by themselves, and then to do a real-time record with their customers through Wechat. When taking apart the line, Comark factories did all the mark, in order to create conveniences to their customers when they receive and the machines and go through the installation. The customers are satisfied with Comark and had a good feedback to the factories.


Comark machinery as a professional water filling machine manufacturer, its customers are from more than 30 countries in the world. Cooperate with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wuxi institute of food engineering and other universities’ strong technologies and resources. Comark machinery was considered the best water filling machine manufacturer in China. So if you are interested in water filling machine and lemon juice filling machine, please feel free to contact Comark, we will service you sincerely, and provide you with the high- performance machines that you need! 


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