The key to the flexible production of beverage filling machine

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For a long time, the domestic beverage market has maintained a good development trend. Data shows that from January to December 2019, the national beverage retail sales exceeded 200 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.4%. The post-90s youth group is becoming the "main force" of the consumer market, and the beverage industry is gradually showing a new development trend: Youth and personalization. In order to meet the market, the number of drinks developed by enterprises is increasing, which also challenges the flexible productivity of beverage filling machine.


According to an industry research institute, the beverage market will remain up in the next few years. It is estimated that in 2020, the national beverage retail sales will reach 230.9 billion yuan, with a growth rate of about 10%. At the same time, the way of consumers' consumption of drinks is more diversified and scene differentiation. Therefore, the brand layout of beverage manufacturers around multi category, multi scene, multi-channel and multi consumer groups has become particularly critical.


Some insiders said that at present, the competition in the beverage industry is mainly reflected in response speed and innovation, which requires enterprises to enhance the ability to provide differentiated products and services. In particular, to keep up with the speed of product innovation, the first step is to improve the flexibility of the production line. As one of the key equipment in beverage production line, the flexible production performance of filling equipment is challenged.


In recent years, with the efforts of scientific researchers and beverage filling machine manufacturers, the quality of domestic filling equipment has developed rapidly. The technology and function of the filling equipment have been developed continuously. The equipment has become more intelligent, energy-saving and efficient, and the industry has made remarkable achievements. However, in the face of the personalized needs of consumers, the flexible productivity of equipment has been paid more and more attention by manufacturers.


Flexible production technology is a technology intensive technology group, which can realize the production demand of multiple batches, small scale and controllable cycle, so as to meet the market requirements of personalization, customization and timeliness. So, how can filling equipment realize flexible production? Improving the intelligent level of equipment is the first priority. The whole process of equipment production order, design planning, production, operation and maintenance needs to be carried out on the basis of intelligence, which is the key technical support to realize flexible production.

beverage production line 

In addition, manufacturing enterprises should also optimize the modular design of equipment. Through the flexible combination of different modules, the equipment has different operation functions, so as to achieve flexible production. In order to improve the degree of standardization and interchangeability of parts, manufacturing enterprises are required to give priority to standardized equipment, components, parts, tools and other products when designing equipment, and try to reduce their varieties and specifications.


It is reported that a beverage company in Guangzhou completed a project of R & D and application of personalized flexible packaging production system for multiple drinks last year. The flexible production system of this project consists of 8 packing modes, including 9 bottle types / 3 can types, 6 bottle type labeling / 6 bottle type labeling, 12 bottle types. It can realize 336 different combination modes and greatly improve the flexible productivity of the beverage filling machine.


In the new round of consumption upgrading, it reflects the increasing consumption level and the development trend of focusing on food health and sensory experience in China. The development trend of individuation and customization also appears in the beverage industry, which puts forward higher requirements for the flexible productivity of filling equipment. The beverage filling machine manufacturers need to improve the intelligent and modular level of the equipment to achieve stronger production force based on the filling function.


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