Common Faults And Solutions Of Water Treatment Equipment

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The most important equipment in the bottled water plant is the water treatment and purification equipment, which can determine the taste of the finished product. The water equipment used in the production of water plants needs to run for a long time, and some failures will inevitably occur during the use process. It is a relatively common phenomenon that mineral water purification equipment fails in the production process. These common faults are relatively easy to solve, but they cannot be ignored. Here Comark introduce the common faults of mineral water equipment in the production process.

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1. Water leakage. One of the common failures is that the equipment will leak water. Mainly because there are leaks in the waterway. You can check the waterway of the equipment and find the leaking point.

2. Noise. The equipment will generate noise during operation, which is mainly caused by the unstable placement of the equipment. The compressor is not running normally, the raw water is not normal, and there is no water supply from the water storage tank, which makes the water generate gas. The raw water pipeline is cut off, and the pressurized pump is idling, which makes the mineral water treatment equipment produce noise. In response to this problem, you can choose a relatively stable place to place the equipment, maintain the compressor regularly, and prevent the generation of gas in the water.

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3. High TDS. Generally, the activated carbon has not been cleaned because the water in the water storage tank has been placed for too long. If restarting production requires draining the water storage tank, replace it with a new one for flushing.

The common faults in the production process of the mineral water equipment introduced above, if you have any questions about other equipment, you can leave a message in the comment area or send a private message to us.


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