What is the problem with the water treatment equipment not producing water?

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As environmental pollution becomes more and more serious, people attach great importance to the health of drinking water, more and more water plants are established, and large public places are also equipped with purified water equipment. However, many mineral water equipment and pure water equipment will encounter the situation of no water, which is actually caused by the non-standard operation of the staff.

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What problems should be checked when the pure water equipment does not produce water?


1. Power supply. When the equipment does not supply water, the power supply should be checked at the first time. If the power supply of the equipment is not supplied, there is no way to work normally, and of course there will be no water.

2. Transformer. If the high-voltage switch is in the normally open state for a long time and cannot be closed, the transformer will not be able to supply power and the machine will not run, resulting in no water to the equipment.

3. Filter element. When the filter element is blocked, the water cannot enter, the equipment cannot work, and the pure water equipment does not produce water.

4. Check valve. If the check valve is blocked, the pure water equipment will not produce pure water, only waste water can be discharged.

5. Water inlet valve. The water inlet valve cannot be opened electromagnetically, and the raw water cannot enter the equipment, so the equipment will not discharge water.

6. Reverse osmosis membrane. During the use of the filter membrane, some substances will remain, which will cause the water output to become more and more watery. When the RO membrane is completely blocked, the pure water equipment will not produce water.

When using pure water equipment, it should be used in the correct way. When there is a problem with the equipment and there is no water, you can check one by one according to the above problems and solve the problem in time.

The above are the reasons that may cause the pure water equipment to not produce water. If you have any questions about other equipment, feel free to contact Comark Machinery.


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