Different Types Of Juice Beverage Production Line

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Here Comark show you the technology of fresh juice / concentrated juice beverage production line.

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The juice beverage production line is suitable for the production of juice, fruity and other beverage products. The fruit juice beverage production line is composed of water treatment equipment, fresh fruit cleaning, peeling, pitting, crushing, juicing, filtration, enzymatic hydrolysis, sterilization and other processing equipment, blending system, filling, packaging system, cleaning equipment, etc. The production capacity of juice beverage production line equipment can reach 2,000 to 24,000 bottles per hour.

In the production line of fruit juice beverages, fresh fruits are used as raw materials, such as apples, pears, etc., which can be made into turbid or clear juice, accounting for about 13% of the beverage ingredients. In the turbid fruit juice beverage production line, after the fresh fruit is extracted from the juice to inactivate the enzymes, it is pumped into the blending tank for blending. After the blended material is filtered, it needs to be homogenized and degassed to prevent the material from precipitation and stratification. Oxidation of substances reduces the quality of the juice, preventing foaming during sterilization and filling. In the production line of clarified fruit juice beverages, the pretreatment process of fresh fruit is a little more complicated. The fresh juice after deactivation needs to enter the enzymatic hydrolysis tank, and then filtration can be used to obtain clarified juice. After ingredients, there is no need to perform homogenization treatment, degassing, degassing and dehydration. After the bacteria can be filled.

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In the fruit-flavored beverage production line, concentrated fruit powder is used for batching, filtration, homogenization, degassing, and sterilization before filling.

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In the juice beverage production line, a three-in-one hot filling machine is used to flush, fill and cap the bottles. The temperature of the material is kept at 85°C for hot filling to ensure sterility. After capping and lamp inspection, the bottle is immediately inverted to sterilize the cap, and then enters the spray cooling equipment to cool down to room temperature to ensure the maximum nutritional content and Taste. Different types of fruit juice beverage production lines have different fresh fruit processing processes, but the ingredients, sterilization, filling and packaging systems in the later stage are basically the same.


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