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Fruit juice is the market trend, more and more customer want to start the bottled juice business, here Comark Machinery give you a brief introduction of how to start a bottled juice business.

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There are two kinds of juice drinks: one is made from concentrated fruit juice, and the other is made from fresh fruit. The two production lines are different. 

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The blended juice has a low budget and is suitable for the general market. It is suitable for customers who do not have high investment in setting up a factory in the early stage. It is mainly for the general market. Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for food safety and taste. The fresh fruit juice market is developing rapidly, and the investment in relative factories is also relatively large.

Juice production line equipment is divided into the following grades from small to large: small 2000 bottles/hour, 4000 bottles/hour, 6000 bottles/hour, 10000 bottles/hour, 15000 bottles/hour, 20000 bottles/hour-24000 bottles/hour , the above is higher.

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The types of juice packaging mainly include carton composite packaging, can packaging, plastic bottles (PET bottles), glass bottles, etc. This also requires customers to position themselves according to the market. Different configuration, the price of the equipment is not the same.

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Factory: Generally, a steel structure workshop of more than 1,000 square meters is required. Comark can help you design the layout according to your plant size and capacity.

Land: The customer can choose by themselves. They can build their own factories in the open space, or they can rent the site to reduce the budget.

Recipe: It is better for customers to have their own recipes. If not, Comark can help find a recipe manufacturer to formulate their own beverage recipes.

Equipment: According to your own investment budget, it is very important to choose the machine and output suitable for packaging.

Installation and debugging: Professionals provided by equipment manufacturers are responsible for installation and debugging, so that beverage products can be made.

Product release to the market: Control the product well, and then apply for SC or QS certification before the product can be launched into the market.


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