Edible Oil Filling Machine Rapeseed Oil Filling Production Line

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The automatic flow type oil filling machine is under the operation and control of high-speed PLC, through the man-machine dialogue interface, to realize linear stepless speed regulation conveying, can adjust the filling capacity arbitrarily, and can be equipped with pneumatic capping or capping device . Form a multi-station, one-machine, multi-function production line. The filling machine assembly line integrates machine, electricity and gas, with unique design, complete functions, stable performance, high quality and beautiful appearance.

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1-5 liters small package automatic flow type filling machine

Applicable liquid:

Peanut oil, rapeseed oil, sesame oil, olive oil, pepper oil and other liquids with concentration and viscosity.

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5-20 liters medium packaging automatic flow type filling machine

Technical Features:

1. The unique multi-filling head and back-suction system designed for no dripping ensures that the production site and the packaged products are not contaminated by liquid materials.

2. The human-machine interface touch control screen greatly facilitates the adjustment of parameters and the testing of various functions.

3. High-precision flowmeter, comprehensive filling error ≤10g.

4. The height of the bottle can be adjusted according to the needs, and the adjustment is simple, fast and accurate.

5. The filling nozzle is in the form of an umbrella type or a direct flush type, which is suitable for filling with different liquid properties, and the umbrella type is suitable for liquid materials that are easy to foam.

6. The stepless adjuster can adjust the speed of the stainless steel conveyor belt and flexibly coordinate the synchronization of multiple processes.

7. The pneumatic capping device has a wide range of applicability. The pneumatic capping is designed for different specifications and shapes. The screw head can be replaced to adapt to the capping of various caps.

8. The main pneumatic and electrical components are imported accessories to ensure stable system performance and excellent quality.

9. The equipment has its own pump to deliver liquid, which greatly improves the production capacity.

10. With the function of pause and forced stop, it is convenient for emergency treatment in any situation


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