Small and medium blueberry juice beverage production line equipment

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Here Comark Machinery gives you a introduction of the blueberry juice processing equipement production line.

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一. Blueberry juice beverage production line

The blueberry juice beverage production line equipment integrates washing, filling and capping. It is suitable for the filling production line of various tea beverages and juices. It adopts the microgravity negative pressure filling technology, and the filling is more rapid, stable and accurate.

The equipment is equipped with a perfect return system to avoid secondary pollution and oxidation of beverages; the filling valve adopts an advanced liquid level detection system. When the beverage is filled to the designated position, the filling valve stops and there will be no shortage of capacity, ensuring that The accuracy of the liquid level. The whole machine is full of high-temperature spare parts. The blueberry juice beverage production line equipment can meet the technical requirements of hot filling below 95 °C, and is equipped with a CIP cleaning system, which can clean the liquid tanks, pipes and other places where the liquid comes into contact. Cleaning equipment Every corner with contents; adopts human-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer control, inverter control and other advanced technologies.

The whole line is equipped with a CIP cleaning system in place, which is used for cleaning and maintenance of the filter device and filling machine, prolonging the service life of the equipment, stable long-term production and stable beverage production quality. The procedure can be executed as long as it is easy to operate. It is equipped with acid and alkali solution, and it is more thorough to use acid and alkali cleaning solution to clean it.

The blueberry juice beverage production line equipment adopts the advanced Japanese Mitsubishi programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine, and the bottle feeding chain adopts air delivery, which cooperates with the host frequency converter to make the bottle feeding operation more stable and reliable. Photoelectricity detects the running status of each component, so it has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate. On this basis, the sealing method can be equipped with aluminum metal anti-theft cover and plastic cover. It is an ideal equipment for beverage manufacturers.

The whole process of the blueberry juice beverage production line is automated. It is suitable for high temperature resistant polyester bottles for filling juice beverages and fruit tea beverages. The machine is made of high-quality SUS304 materials. Detect the operation status of each component, with no bottle filling, no bottle capping, high degree of automation, simple man-machine interface operation display screen.

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二. Process features of blueberry juice beverage production line:

1. Heating makes the protein in the cell protoplasm coagulate, changes the semipermeability of the cell, and softens the pulp at the same time. The pectin is hydrolyzed to reduce the viscosity of the juice, thereby increasing the juice yield. Processing conditions: 60-70℃/15-30min.

2. The special requirements in the production of turbid blueberry juice are mostly used in glass bottle packaging products, and tinplate can products are rarely used. Frozen preserved blueberry juice and blueberry juice concentrate do not need to be homogenized.

3. There is a lot of oxygen in blueberry juice, which will destroy the Vc in blueberry juice. Oxygen reacts with various components in blueberry juice to deteriorate the aroma and color, which will cause the inner wall of the tinplate can to corrode. It is more obvious when heated. . Vacuum degassing method and nitrogen exchange method are often used.

4. The selection principle of sterilization process: it is necessary to kill microorganisms and reduce the impact on product quality as much as possible. The most common method: high temperature and short time (93±2℃/15~30s).

5. Filling after sterilization: high temperature filling (hot filling) and low temperature filling (cold filling). Fruit beverages, except for paper containers, are almost all hot-filled (due to full filling, the volume of blueberry juice is reduced after cooling, and a certain degree of vacuum is formed in the container). The center temperature of the can is >70 °C.


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