How the soft drink filling machine works?

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When it comes to carbonated beverages, everyone thinks of Coca-Cola and carbonated beverages to suit everyone. But, how are these beverages produced using a full range of soft drink production line?


The soft drink filling machine is a device that is used to package beverages with carbon dioxide gas under certain conditions. Gas-containing beverages are classified into juice-type carbonated beverages, fruit-flavored carbonated beverages, soda-type carbonated beverages, low-calorie carbonated beverages, and other carbonated beverages.


The whole production line can be divided into three branches upstream of the mixer, namely water treatment, syrup setting and carbon dioxide purification. Filler is the union of the branch of mixed soft drinks and branch cleaning empty bottles.


In the water treatment section, the raw water has been treated with quartz sand filters, activated carbon filters, sodium ion exchangers, precision filters, medium fiber filters and ultraviolet sterilizers to obtain pure water that complies with process requirements. UV sterilizer water is bi-directional. A cooling machine enters the beverage mixer after cooling. The second form is used directly as water for rinsing bottles, sugar and syrup.


The beverage mixer is the center of a refilled carbonated beverage production line. The purified water that has been cooled here is first mixed in proportion to the prepared syrup base liquid, and the resulting mixed liquid is then mixed with the carbon dioxide. Purified carbon in the soda mix tank makes it to become soft drinks, which can be filled.


carbonated soft drink

Gas-filled drinks can be filled into two types of bottles, one for recycled glass bottles and the other for single-use PET bottles (for example, PET bottles).


Soda water mixed in beverage mixing machine is poured into clean empty bottle by equal pressure filling machine, and the cap is easily pressed to complete the filling and sealing process. After filling and sealing the semi-finished carbonated drinks, the printer can send the semi-finished products to the outer packing section after the printer imprints the production date.


However, inspection stations are usually installed on the transport lines sent to Outer packaging section to remove unqualified bottles. Once the product is qualified for inspection, it is packaged and converted into a finished product that can be stored or delivered.


In the global market today, we have a wide range of soft drink filling machine suppliers. However, it is important to consider some factors when making your choice. One of such factors include aftersales services. It is essential to find out if your chosen supplier will provide you with necessary installation services when you have purchased your product. It is also important to ensure that the supplier has good experience in the field and has garnered some reputation over the years.


One way to figure this out is to go through the reviews from previous customers. It is also important to ask for quote upfront before going into any deal with your chosen supplier.


In summary, the overall carbonated soft drink plant will comprise of the following

1 Water treatment system: quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, precision filter, fiber filter, UV sterilizer, sugar pot, deployment tank, double filter, beverage mixer

2. Filling System: Blower, Positioner or Top Bottle Platform, Bottle Inlet Duct, Filling Machine, In-Line Bottle Cap or Bottle Cap Sterilizer, Disinfection Cabinet, Capper, Lipper,

3. Packaging systems: light inspection equipment, inkjet printer, hair dryer, labeller or labeler, film strapping machine, palletizing machine.



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