The performance characteristics of drinking water filling machine

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The drinking water filling machine integrates rinsing, filling and capping. The whole process is automated. It is mainly suitable for continuous operations of rinsing, filling and sealing of non-gas beverages such as mineral water and purified water. The key components of the drinking water filling machine are precisely processed by CNC machine tools. The operating status of each component is detected by the photoelectricity of the whole machine. No bottle no filling, no bottle no cap, high degree of automation, convenient operation, wear resistance, stability, failure Low rate and other characteristics.


Performance characteristics of drinking water filling machine:

1. The whole machine adopts the structure of suspended bottle mouth conveyor, which makes the whole line conveying bottles reliable. Different bottle types only need to adjust the height of the conveyor belt and a small amount of change accessories, and the bottle type is quick and labor-saving.

2. The filling machine adopts the principle of micro-negative pressure filling, with fast filling speed, high precision and adjustable liquid level.

3. The capping machine adopts advanced and mature technology from European countries. The capping head uses a magnetic torque to screw the cap to realize the capping. The capping process adopts the second downward grab to ensure the accuracy of the capping. The screwing torque can be adjusted steplessly, and the plastic cover can be screwed with a constant torque, which will not damage the cover, and the sealing is tight and reliable;

4. The rotary cap sorter adopts pneumatic cap sorting, which has the functions of not damaging the cover surface, sending a signal to notify the hopper that the cover is missing, and controlling the capping machine to automatically refill the cover.

5. The whole machine adopts advanced man-machine interface operation, PLC control, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation and other automatic control technologies. It has functions such as no bottle no cap sending, bottle shortage waiting, bottle jamming stop, cap chute missing cap automatic stop, etc. .

The above is a brief description of the performance characteristics of drinking water filling machine equipment.


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