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Palletizer Machine
Palletizer Machine
Palletizer Machine
Palletizer Machine
Palletizer Machine
Palletizer Machine
Palletizer Machine
Palletizer Machine
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Palletizer Machine

palletizers are used for food and beverage, chemical industry, etc.;Package is suitable for all kinds of cartons, plastic boxes, the stretch film and barrels, and other types of packaging's stack

Product Description

Servo coordinate palletizer


Using touch screen operation to realize man-machine dialogue, can display the production speed, the cause and location of the failure, and the degree of automation is high. PLC can be programmed to control the sorting and stacking layers, pallet supply and discharge of cartons.

Pneumatic components and cylinders produced by Taiwan Airtec are used, with reliable quality and performance.

The safety door and cover are equipped with electrical induction devices. When the cover door is opened, the machine stops working, which can protect the personnel.

The adjustment of stacking mode is convenient and simple, and can be carried out on the touch screen.

The carton supply system is controlled by a brake motor to ensure that the film package is delivered according to the preset position.

The pallet library has a large capacity, which can accommodate 10-12 empty pallets, and can automatically supply pallets.

Several stacking methods can be completed without changing the stacking parts.

The safety door has an automatic induction function. When the safety door is opened, the equipment automatically stops palletizing, which can effectively ensure the safety of the operator. When the safety door is closed, the equipment automatically resets and continues palletizing.

 Palletizing speed: 15 packs/min (the palletizing speed is related to the size of the pallet and the palletizing type)zv

Operation mode: through PLC control, realize the touch screen operation control

Maximum load-bearing capacity of each layer: 120 kg

The standard load-bearing capacity of each stack: 1650 kg (the load-bearing capacity is related to the structure and material of the stack board)

Maximum stacking height: 1850mm (including standard pallet height 150mm)

Maximum size of applicable tray: 1200*1200mm (or customized according to customer requirements)

Applicable power supply: three-phase five-wire 380V/50HZ

Power consumption: 9.5KW/hour

Air consumption: 0.6-0.8 MPa 500NL/MIN

Trachea interface: quick-insertion trachea interface, 10mm

Equipment size: 5800*5500*3300mm (L*W*H)

Equipment weight: 6000KG

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