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How Is Bottled Water Made? Bottled Water Manufacturing Process In Water Bottling Factory (II)

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Question: How much is a set of water treatment equipment?

Zhangjiagang Comark Machinery Co., Ltd.: Whenever a customer calls to ask this question, the manufacturer understands that the customer probably just knows the industry and has not inspected it yet. Just to understand the price, I will invest in the expected return on my investment. If the investment is larger and the payment is slower, I will consider other projects.

For a set of water treatment equipment, customers must first understand the concept. There is nothing to say about one set of water treatment equipment. This set includes water purification equipment, filling equipment, disinfection equipment, or something, a set is too broad. (Water plant, take me as an example, which produces 100 barrels of water per hour. The basic equipment will be listed below). The manufacturer cannot answer your question. If a manufacturer directly answers 20,000 to 30,000, then this manufacturer is not a responsible manufacturer, let alone his after-sales service. It's just selling you the product. The product you sell will be water, which is food grade. Not to mention everyone knows what it means

Of course, you said, then I can't ask how much money I can make on this call, I just want to know, that's okay.

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a. Where do you want to determine where your water source is, what water to use, and groundwater? Tap water? Mountain spring water? It is best to go to the local technical supervision and make a water quality report (the cheaper one is more than 1,000 yuan, the more expensive one is more than 10,000 yuan, from the delivery of water to the water quality monitoring report, the period may be one month), according to the water quality report to determine. You can also get water to the inspection manufacturer for testing, but it is not authoritative and only serves as the basis for equipment configuration.

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b. Your venue, this venue does not need to be large, of course it depends on the scale

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c. You have inspected the local market. Whether to make high-end water or ordinary water, how big your market is, how much bottled water can be sold in a day, and if it is bottled, how much can you sell in a day. You can know how much you want. (One ton of water can produce 50 barrels of water, bottled water is not quantitative, bottled water is 500mm, 550mm, 350mm, etc.)

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d. The "level" of the water plant you want to build. This "level" has a large investment and is done in full accordance with national regulations. It is related. If you have funds, you can apply for a sanitation license and QS certification. Then you can ask the manufacturer to equip you with what equipment your water plant needs. Yes, you can ask the manufacturer to issue a plan and feasibility report for you. The investment is not that big, and the relationship is less. I want to start small. At this time, ask the manufacturer how to recommend you to use it, which equipment must be used, and which equipment can not be used. The responsible manufacturer generally has better suggestions.

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