What is the ex-factory cost of bottled water for water plant?

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The market for drinking water is very large. In addition to the bottled water that is common in the family, there are more bottled water of various capacities. There are 330ml, 500mL small bottles of water, and 1.5L, 2L and other large bottles. What equipment do you need to prepare to invest in a bottled water factory, and what is the factory cost of bottled water? Today, taking a small bottle of water as an example, I will introduce the production process and production cost of bottled water equipment.

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The production process of bottled water: raw water - water treatment and filtration - blow molding machine - filling and capping - light inspection - drying - labeling - packaging

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What equipment is included in the bottled water equipment production line: bottle blowing machine, water treatment equipment, rinsing, filling, capping three-in-one filling machine, bottle cap disinfection system, light inspection, labeling machine, laser inkjet printer, film wrapping machine ,Palletizer.

In the market, there are 24 bottles of 500ml small water bottles. The production cost includes 18g of preform (which can be adjusted according to actual production), bottle cap, bottle label, plastic film, carton, water, electricity, and labor. Among them, the 18g preform is 0.804$, the bottle cap is 0.127$, the bottle label is 0.051$, the plastic film is 0.093$, the carton is 0.32$, the water fee is 0.016$, the electricity fee is 0.016$, and the labor cost is 0.032$. Bottled water bottles cost $1.139 and carton packs cost $1.3664

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In addition, Comark can also design the shape of the bottle according to the market demand and customer demand, reduce the weight of the bottle and reduce the cost.

The above is the production cost of small bottled water, the production process and the equipment required for bottled water production. If you have any questions about other devices, you can leave a message in the comment area or send a private message to us. 

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